Christian Dior


Model, Dance

A black-draped horse-drawn carriage arrived through the gates of a ruined Edwardian garden with fallen chandeliers. It's the ghost of Madame Dior arriving with her little sailor-suited boy, Christian, whose birthday fell 100 years ago. John Galliano took the opportunity to revisit the rich and romantic story of the house he has inherited and reinvented for the twenty-first century. His merry dance whirled on images of Princess Margaret, Margot Fonteyn, Zizi Jeanmaire. After a detour into froufrou Peruvian costume, a visit to Hollywood brought on a heavily spangled lineup of old-time supermodels giving stately impersonations of Hayworth, Dietrich, and Bacall. In all, pure fashion entertainment. It was a timely reminder of Galliano's capacity for the delicate and poetic, as wells a reaffirmation of the incredible foundations of the House of Dior.
Production: Bureau Betak